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Scenic Introduction
China's territory, there is a natural and beautiful line of demarcation. It spans the things, inclusive of the sublime and the South of the North soft, majestic without failure show vast culmination of elegant, original rustic, full of mysterious atmosphere.It is the Qinling secret territory, DAVID Paradise - Shaanxi Evergreen Huayang scenic. Evergreen Huayang beautiful scenic area, located in China's north-south natural dividing line, known as the Qinling Mountains of Central Park.

(中文) 来华阳赏秋景观红叶
(中文) 深秋时节的华阳风景如画,美不胜收,带上亲人朋友,来这里赏秋景观红叶,您一定会流连忘返,爱上这片奇异的山水,华阳人热忱欢迎您的到来!

(中文) 我想写首情诗给你


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