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Scenic Introduction
China's territory, there is a natural and beautiful line of demarcation. It spans the things, inclusive of the sublime and the South of the North soft, majestic without failure show vast culmination of elegant, original rustic, full of mysterious atmosphere. It Qinling secret territory DAVID Paradise - Shaanxi Evergreen Huayang scenic.

Scenic Honor
The Huayang scenic After years of construction, now decorate the more attractive. Which also won the top honors at national, provincial tourism units, in one fell swoop won the title of "Chinese famous cultural tourist town in the Euro-Asia Economic Forum held in Xi'an, in Shaanxi Tourism Industry Expo has been assessed as" the most popular Award ", is now being applied for national 4A tourist attractions, it is learned progressing smoothly, and will soon be officially awarding.

Leader Speech
We firmly believe that attaches great importance to have provincial and municipal leaders, friends from all walks of life the great support and help, we are fully confident that there is the ability to create scenic Huayang more refined, more features, more attractive, more popular,Huayang 4A level scenic attractions to create goals will come to fruition, the goal of building the province's tourism demonstration counties also will be an early realization.

(中文) 长青华阳景区单日可接待游客量公示
(中文) 2010年9月开园以来,景区各项基础设施及配套设施日趋完善,于2012年8月已成功创建了国家AAAA级旅游景区,日可接待游客1600人左右,景区最大承载量可达3200余人。长青华阳景区热忱欢迎八方游客!

(中文) 来华阳赏秋景观红叶
(中文) 深秋时节的华阳风景如画,美不胜收,带上亲人朋友,来这里赏秋景观红叶,您一定会流连忘返,爱上这片奇异的山水,华阳人热忱欢迎您的到来!

(中文) 漫步华阳 | 红叶已“枫”来一场说走就走的穿越秦岭之行

(中文) 景区简介

(中文) 龙吟峡|竹深树密虫鸣处,时有微凉不是风

(中文) 【华阳故事】一颗夜明珠

(中文) 秋意浓,红叶正当时

(中文) 游园惊梦|不到园林,怎知春色如许

(中文) 我想写首情诗给你

(中文) 茱萸之春,篝火之夜

(中文) 人间四月芳菲尽,华阳桃花始盛开——四月踏青福利,抓紧啦~


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